Computer Networks have developed considerably over the past few years, with businesses relying more and more on PC's for everyday tasks.

But what does a network really mean to you, and how might it benefit your business?
The most common form of network is now based on a hub system. A hub is a device which consolidates network devices into a single location, and then redistributes data to the requested network device. Networks used to be constructed by connecting PC's in a serial chain, but this caused a lot of disruption when new equipment had to be added. With hub topology, installation and expansion is much simpler, new equipment is plugged directly into the hub.

As with many things in life, when all is well in a network no-one gives it a second thought. When things stop working, the first question is normally why?

We at Dalwood would be delighted to discuss your existing network with you, or quote for installing a new network. We would of course arrange all the necessary hardware and software required, as part of our service to provide you with a stable network solution.